I am fascinated with the beauty that arises when things are damaged or decayed. I celebrate the process of damage as a way of reveling the inner life of the given material in my art.

Once freed from artificial make-up and pretension my art reveals it’s original characteristics and most importantly a natural aesthetic that is by far more acceptable than anything else.

These works are moments in time that were significant to me. They encapsulate past thoughts and emotions that I’ve had. Many will ask themselves why I use a dark pallet in many of my works. Black & white are my favorite colors, and they’re rather challenging to use as black is not considered a color. My black has many shadows, the blackness of the night, the dark of the universe, the back soil in the south of Italy… And as for my white, it’s never pure, it’s real. In works like ‘Si Evero’, the white is on its way to black, worn out by powers of nature. My work s truly my vision of beauty, Rough, true and generous. My art is me!

" GRANDE BELLEZZA" Mixed Media on Canvas 265 x 227 x9 cm

" ACQUA ALTA " Mixed Media on Canvas 211 x 169 x 9 cm